Meet Our Team

The MVP team has deep roots in statewide organizing ecosystems and is dedicated to helping move money and resources to support local grassroots groups across the country. We are united by our vision that building deep grassroots power on a local level year-round will expand access to democracy and create a better world where we can all thrive.

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Reema Ahmad
Wisconsin State Advisor & Muslim Voter Fund Director
Lela Ali
Southern Regional Field Advisor
John Anner
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Lisa Beem
Philanthropic Advisor
SerahRose Bissell
Zoe Braunstein
Grant Support Specialist
Jordan Brown
Georgia State Advisor
Kimbaly Brown
Senior Manager of People Operations
Sarah Chaisson-Warner
Senior State Strategy Director / State Advisor for New Hampshire
Julie Chiu
Data & Knowledge Coordinator
Regina Clemente
Senior Advisor
Robbie Dunning
Operations Manager
Rebecca Ennen
Donor Organizing Manager
John Flajnik
Senior Director of Operations & CFO
Jason Franklin
Senior Advisor
Jaz González
Capacity Building Advisor
Rachel Gordon
Special Deputy to the Executive Director
Alicia Gurrieri
Donor Organizing Manager
Betty Herschman
Regional Philanthropic Director
Marissa Hersh
Philanthropic Advisor
Rachel Hill
Regional Philanthropic Director
Helena Huang
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Korina Iribe
Arizona State Advisor
Jillian Johnson
Southern Regional Field Director
Jackie Kaplan-Perkins
Regional Philanthropic Director
Brandon Klugman
Program Manager
Zakiya Lord
Regional Philanthropic Director
Daryl Lucas
Accounting Associate
Tony Mack
Northeast Regional Advisor / Philanthropic Advisor
Jamila Martin
Michigan State Advisor
Cindy Mathew
Chief of Staff
Alex Melman
Director of Product & Technology
Tom Mendelsohn
Philanthropic Advisor & Senior Consultant
Javier Morillo
Senior State Strategy Director / State Advisor for Minnesota
Mary Kate Mueller
Deputy Director of Product & Technology
Tracy Olson
Donor Team Revenue Manager
Jose Orellana
Donor Organizing Manager
Lenix Pecikonis
Capacity Building Tech Strategist
JP Peralta
Capacity Building Co-Director
Jacqueline Saavedra
Legal Director of Grantmaking Compliance
Eugenio “Owen” K. Smith
Capacity Building Director & LGBTQ+ Voter Fund Lead
Talya Stagg
Philanthropic Advisor
Burke Stansbury
Philanthropic Advisor
Hallie Montoya Tansey
Senior State Strategy Advisor / Western Regional Director
Zo Tobi
Director of Communications
Shawnna Weighill
National Donor Organizing Manager
Billy Wimsatt
Founder & Executive Director

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