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Cindy Mathew

Chief of Staff

Cindy works across the Program, Communications, and Donor teams to document MVP’s programmatic and grantmaking accomplishments and support the teams to be aligned around impact, story-telling, and goals.

Working for large national and international NGOs early in her career, she realized both how crucial local organizations were to effecting change, but also how underfunded they were–often because of a disconnect between the funding and the work on the ground led by impacted populations. She’s excited to play a key role in bridging that gap. 

Cindy has almost 20 years of experience in philanthropy, fundraising, and donor organizing. Most recently, she was the first staff member at One for Democracy, where she played a key role in building a network of over 100 philanthropists who committed $70M to organizations working on the 2020 election.

Outside of work, sits on the board of the International Accountability Project and the advisory board of Duniya Dance and Drum Company. She lives in Illinois with her husband and young child, where she’s always up for dancing, tennis, and puzzles.