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  2. Follow MVP
  3. Core MVP Content
  4. Videos
  5. Articles
  6. Talking Points
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Share Online

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Quickly and easily introduce your networks to MVP by email and social media, using these tools:

  • Email: Generate a sample email, customize, list out 3-5 folks, and send!
  • Facebook: Generate a sample post, add a personal note, and post!
  • Twitter: Generate a sample Tweet, customize, and post!


Follow MVP

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  • Monthly Newsletter: Get key updates on our work, our local partners, and upcoming events & briefings. Sign up (check spam & promotion folders if you don’t see a confirmation!), and then forward each email to your network, along with a personal note.
  • Social media: Follow on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, and share with your networks.
  • Supporter Facebook Group: Get official MVP content you can easily share with your networks.
  • MVP Blog: A one-stop shop of bite-sized new content, including strategy, political analysis, and stories from our grassroots partners.
  • Upcoming Events: Our briefings and volunteer events are a perfect chance for folks in your network to learn about and support MVP.


Core MVP Content

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About MVP
2023-2024 Strategy

Learn more and share MVP’s strategy to win in 2024 and beyond.

  • Slide Deck: Designed to be read by donors wanting a deep dive on MVP’s 2023-2024 strategy. Note: Volunteer-tailored Reader Deck, Presenter Deck, and Speaker Notes forthcoming.
  • PDF 5-Pager (printer-friendly)
  • Blog Post
Track Record & Impact



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Articles validating MVP’s Theory of Change


Talking points

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  1. Working at the intersections of social movements, grassroots communities, and elections is the best way to ensure that we both win big and build long-term progressive power.
  2. Investing in grassroots organizing is the best way to impact elections. This is what MVP does.
  3. Youth and voters of color can swing the closest elections. MVP invests in these constituencies.
  4. Turnout increases most when voters hear from people they know. This is what MVP funds.
  5. Candidate campaigns end, win or lose. MVP partners build power year-round, year after year.
  6. With early funding, MVP partners can maximize their reach, voter turnout, and policy wins.
  7. MVP partners are organizing their communities. The best thing we can do is fund them.
What a donation provides

As you think about your donation, consider the impact of each dollar (for illustration purposes):

  • $90,000: A grassroots organizer’s typical 12-month salary, benefits, and taxes.
    (This generic figure factors in a $70K base salary + 28% for benefits and taxes)
  • $15,000: A 3-part training series MVP offers freely to each partner group.
  • $7,500: A grassroots organizer’s typical 1-month salary, benefits, and taxes.
  • $2,500: Two laptops, helping organizers increase capacity and train others.
  • $1,000: 20,000 texts reminding voters where to vote and what to bring.
  • $500: An organizer’s skill development training + follow-up coaching session.
  • $250: 6,000 reminder calls to folks who’ve volunteered to get out the vote.


Free MVP “Swag”

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