Donation FAQ

1. How can I donate via check?

To donate by check (which we recommend for gifts of $1000 or more to avoid transaction fees), please mail checks to: Movement Voter Project, PO Box 749 Northampton, MA 01061. Most of the groups we support need non-tax deductible (c)4 funds, however if you need to donate in a tax-deductible way, some of the groups we support have 501(c)3 organizations or fiscal sponsors that can accept tax-deductible contributions or foundation grants. To make a (c)3 donation, email [email protected] and we will get you the info you need.

2. What is the general criteria for groups we fund?

We support local groups in key 2020 states that both turn out voters and are building toward a larger movement for change on all of our issues. We talent scout and vet groups in each state where an extra $10 or $100,000 will make the greatest difference for moving progressive change in 2020 and long-term. We recommend progressive community-based voter engagement groups that are:

Year-Round: Organizing 365 days a year to develop leaders, fight for communities, move policy, and win progressive political power at all levels.

Collaborative: Play well in the sandbox with others.

Locally-Driven: Generally not affiliates of large national issue organizations that are already household names (i.e. Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, etc.). We love these national groups but people already know how to donate to them. MVP’s role is to highlight local groups that are not well known beyond their local communities.

AND we recommend 501(c)3 non-partisan groups that organize:

Communities of Color: The best local organizations that get out the vote in communities of color, organize permanently beyond the election cycle to create a more Reflective Democracy representing the true diversity of the American people.

3. What is the vetting process to identify groups to fund?

We are committed to funding groups who are working at the intersection of community organizing and electoral politics. The groups we fund are:

  • In key electoral states working on federal, state, and/or local races;
  • Implementing targeted overlay strategies that both push the needle on electoral races and build local infrastructure;
  • Focused on getting out voters in historically marginalized communities;
  • Focused on issues of racial, economic, and voting justice;
  • Under-resourced for the amount of work they need to take on to make catalytic change.

MVP’s team has decades of experience in the progressive movement and thus have both long-term and new relationships with groups on the ground. Over the past 2 years MVP has undergone a vetting and referencing process that includes:

  • Engaging over 100 funders and intermediaries about the groups in our lists;
  • Consulting with 15 state advisors who are experts in the organizing, civic engagement, and electoral ecosystem of their state;
  • Working with key players (i.e. community leaders, funders, donors, political stakeholders, etc.) and cross reference information with each other, state funders, and intermediaries;
  • Identifying emerging groups and key players in states to understand their evolving civic engagement ecosystem;

Once groups have been identified for potential funding, the MVP team reviews their plans, strategy, and budgets – and makes informed decisions about grantmaking to each individual group.

4. What is the reporting process for groups that have received money?

MVP’s team works closely with all of the groups we fund. We are in constant communication with the groups, assessing their immediate needs and challenges – and highlighting their success stories in order to build momentum for their work. On an on-going basis, groups submit updates to us, including qualitative and quantitative indicators of success and challenges.

5. What is the information I need to use if I am making a tax-deductible donation via my Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?

Please use the information and EIN below to make donations via your DAF.

Organization Name:
Tides Foundation / Movement Voter Fund

Tides Foundation, PO Box 29903, San Francisco, CA 94129