Does MVP take money from megadonors?

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) shows MVP has accepted some very large donations. Is this true?

Yes — and we are calling on every wealthy American with a conscience to join us!

Whether you are a well-known player or an unexpected donor who could step up your giving in 2024, please know you are needed more than ever.

Help us win by funding local organizing in swing states.

Here’s the situation:

  • Millions of people are sitting on wealth while our country is in urgent danger.
  • Trump & MAGA pose an existential threat to our democracy, climate, and more.
  • Investing in local voter organizing is the single best way to win this November.

The vast majority of us want a functioning democracy, our basic freedoms protected, and a healthy climate for our children and grandchildren. 

With climate chaos and MAGA authoritarianism right around the corner, we need everyone sitting on wealth right now to simply ask, “If not now, when?”

OK, but isn’t money in politics part of the problem?

Many PACs work to uphold a system that hordes power for the 1%. MVP is different.

  1. We raise money from tens of thousands of donors at all levels nationwide.
  2. We invest in voter organizing groups working in and led by communities that have borne the brunt of injustice: Youth, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, immigrants, etc.
  3. These groups build power year-round, swing elections up and down the ballot,  then pressure officials to pass progressive policies at every level of government.

The more we invest in the political power of marginalized communities, the faster we will move to a nation where everyone can thrive.

  • Every year, Americans donate $500 billion to charity. 
  • Given that Biden-voting counties make up 71% of U.S. GDP, we can assume at least half of that comes from people who vote for Democrats.
  • If Democratic-leaning donors shifted a fraction of their giving to invest in local organizing, we could transform politics and solve so many problems “upstream.”

The money is there. Help us put it where it can make the most impact.


Note: While 501(c)(3) & 501(c)(4) donors are not publicly viewable, Movement Voter PAC donors are listed publicly on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website. Donors face this same requirement when giving to House, Senate, or Presidential candidates.

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