Fund Organizing. Build A Wave. Win Power.

$5.6 million
donated to 165 groups
$10 million
total goal

What if we could shift 1% of the billions spent on TV ads to local organizing? We’d raise tens of millions for grassroots vote groups that both win elections and win on issues after election day.

MVP is a new way for progressive donors - big and small - to directly support the best local groups in key states. Choose your favorite group or fund, donate, and share!

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“Thank you MVP for seeding our 501(c)4 and your support on the Philly DA race. We’re winning!”
Bryan Mercer
215 People's Alliance
“Movement Voter Project has been an incredible support! Thank you for the seed funding for our canvass program.”
Lizeth Chacon
Colorado People's Action
“Movement Voter Project identifies the best local grassroots voter engagement groups in various states.”
Craig Newmark
Founder, craigslist & craigconnects