Invest now, win big in November.

MVP is investing in local groups organizing in all the key states and districts to ensure a Blue Wave up and down the ballot — so we can pass transformative policy in 2025.

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Why Movement Voter Project?

MVP does the research so you don’t have to, maximizes your impact by investing in the best local voter engagement organizations, and streamlines your giving — operating like a “mutual fund for political donations.”

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Photos, clockwise from top left: Advance NC, Detroit Action, GA Alliance, LUCHA (AZ), Leaders Igniting Transformation (WI), 1Hood Power (PA)

Early money goes further.

Every dollar today yields more votes than a dollar closer to Election Day. Early money helps groups staff up, scale up, and level up — which means robust, year-round operations that can win elections and change policy.

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Chart showing organizing power growing exponentially from the day money is invested until Election Day

About MVP

MVP is a one-stop shop for strategically investing in local organizations that win elections and transform policy.

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Photos, left to right: Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, Arizona Poder


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May 2024 Newsletter: How do we close the “Biden Enthusiasm Gap”?
This election is a doozy. To beat Trump and win a Democratic governing majority in November, the core challenge we have to address is what we call “The BEG” (Biden Enthusiasm Gap). The smartest thing ...
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June 13, 2024
Briefing on Electoral Strategy: “What the #@$% Are We Gonna Do??”
On June 13, we held a briefing to hear MVP partners’ creative strategies to tackle the toughest questions in this dangerously volatile election year. Here's the recording!...
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May 30, 2024
Trump convicted, but “the only verdict that matters is Election Day”
“The real trial is Democracy v. Trump, and the only verdict that matters is Election Day,” admonished Zo Tobi, MVP spokesperson. “Our only defense against a second Trump term is a few thousand hard-to...
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Want to beat Trump?

Want to beat Trump in November? Help fund the local organizing groups who can turn out the exact voters we need to win.

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