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$4.1 million
donated to 151 groups
$10 million
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Movement Voter Project helps progressive donors - big and small - find the best local vote organizations and national resistance networks. Together we build power at the intersection of social movements and electoral politics.

“Movement 2016 is our shot at winning for the long haul.”
Bryan Mercer
215 People's Alliance
“Movement 2016 identifies the best local grassroots voter engagement groups in various states.”
Craig Newmark
Founder, craigslist & craigconnects
“Movement 2016 has been an incredible support! Thank you for the seed funding for our canvass program.”
Lizeth Chacon
Colorado People's Action

NEW! How We Won Alabama - #TrustBlackWomen & Fund Local Organizing!

How did we pick up a US Senate seat in an off-cycle special election in Alabama? Black Women and their teams on the ground knew what it took to win, and we are honored to have played a small role in supporting them! We worked our networks and identified two local black women leading the way – DeJuana Thompson and LaTosha Brown. With our friends in Solidaire, Women Donors Network, Color of Democracy, and others, we collectively moved more than $500,000 – in less than a month! (We were directly involved in moving about $200,000 of that – with a ton of small-dollar donations!) Most of the funds went through three major local grassroots operations (WOKE VOTERIGHTEOUS VOTE, and #BlackVotersMatter) which in turn supported 30+ local groups, 600+ organizers in 17 Alabama counties, as well as a statewide phone bank, peer-to-peer texting, rural black radio, and social media campaigns. We can win anywhere and everywhere when we support local organizing and don’t take communities for granted. But we need early and ongoing investments. You can click here to donate to continued efforts in Alabama. Let’s transform the South (and the whole country)!


Pop-up Resistance Projects

We’ve tracked more than 200 totally new national resistance projects that have popped up since the election. Indivisible is the most famous of these (we were proud to help move them their first little donations back in January!). But there are many more – and more added each day!  Note: Unlike the rest of the groups on Movement 2017 this is NOT a vetted list, so we can’t vouch for whether to donate to many of them. We’re one of many contributors. Check out the list here. Stay tuned – we’ve got grander ideas in store for leveraging this list and all the connections we’re making throughout the new landscape.


Why Movement 2017 & 2018?

On November 9, 2016, we immediately started organizing locally for 2018. But we quickly realized that movements need money now. And in addition to local groups, there is a gap in funding scrappy national networks. Our question is always “where can my money make the biggest difference?” We’re also establishing a long-term home (that doesn’t change every year) called the Movement Voter Project (MVP). MVP integrates funding and donor advising with other types of support for social movements and local organizations to do vote work.