2020 Starts Today

The 2020 election begins today. In order to end the Trump nightmare and gain progressive political power everywhere, we need to accomplish two big things in the next two years: oust Trump and regain the Senate in 2020.

But first, let’s take a step back and reflect on what we were able to accomplish this year…

Together, we moved more than $14 Million to over 300 groups in 42 states – including to almost EVERY competitive US House, Senate, Governor’s race and a ballot measure in 2018. And we won A LOT! We made huge gains in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – the three states Trump won by 77,000 votes in 2016. We won SEVEN Governors – in Nevada, New Mexico, Maine, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin (we defeated Scott Walker!) and even Kansas (we beat Kris Kobach!). We picked up about 300 legislative seats. We won 6 new state trifectas (where Dems control the Governor and both legislative chambers). We broke Republican trifectas in four more states. We broke Republican supermajorities in Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina. And we won the HOUSE! We elected the first two Native American and the first two Muslim congresswomen; the first lesbian mom in Congress; the first two Latina Congresswomen from Texas; the first black Congresswomen from Massachusetts and Connecticut; the first openly gay man as a Governor.

We also won ballot measures which will create deep, meaningful changes in people’s lives. Over 1.4 million formerly-incarcerated Floridians will now be able to exercise their right to vote. That alone could be a gamechanger. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will now have access to healthcare thanks to resounding Medicaid expansion victories in Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah. Workers in Arkansas and Missouri will have their wages increased, immediately improving their ability to survive. In Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, and Utah, we will fix redistricting, improving the playing field for years to come. And that’s just a taste of the incredible progress we made this year. So thank you for helping us achieve these huge wins and historic firsts!

But not everything was great news in November. We got demolished in the Senate. There is no sugar coating this. Given the GOP’s new ultra-polarization, until we get to at least 50 votes in the Senate, we probably aren’t going to be able to pass any Federal policy or appoint any federal judges or Supreme Court justices even if we defeat Trump in 2020. The entire judicial branch of government could swing hard-right for a generation or more. Losing 4 seats in the Senate is devastating.

So what do we do? The most important thing to do now is to invest in every corner of the five closest Presidential states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Hampshire. We also have to invest like crazy in every state where we could possibly pick up a Senate seat in 2020. That includes Colorado (our best hope), plus a bunch of tough states like Arizona, Alaska, Maine, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, and Alabama (to defend Doug Jones).

We can start by ensuring that organizers in key 2020 states don’t get laid off because the midterms are over. We need them year-round to be able to have a strong base as we approach the next election. We can’t and must not repeat waiting too long to get organizations the resources they need to build NOW for wins in 2020.

That’s why Movement Voter Project has already launched the Wave 2020 Fund and are here to talk with you about how you can get involved in building the biggest, strongest wave possible for 2020.