Host a House Party fundraiser

NOTE: We are updating our 2023-2024 House Party materials, and are not currently able to offer staff support; however, we welcome you to organize a “DIY” House Party using our current materials. Sign up here to join our Waitlist for updates, or to let us know you’re having a DIY Party.

What is an MVP House Party?

A House Party is a way to gather your friends and family in-person or on Zoom to learn about MVP and join in financial support.

The purpose of these events is to share about MVP, create a shared sense of community and hopefulness, and raise money for MVP.

Parties have a welcoming environment where people make connections and get questions answered. Expect to hear about the past and present of MVP, the funding model, stories from the field, and hosts sharing their story of why they support MVP.

Can I host a “DIY” House Party?

Yes! Check out our resources below, and sign up to let us know you’re organizing a DIY Party.

DIY House Party Resources


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