Host a House Party Fundraiser

What is an MVP House Party?

House Parties create a shared sense of community and hopefulness. These events provide a way to gather your friends and family in person or on Zoom to learn about MVP and, most importantly, join in financial support.

Parties have a welcoming environment where people make connections and get questions answered. Expect to hear about the past and present of MVP, the funding model, stories from the field, and hosts sharing their stories of why they support MVP.

House Parties run the gamut of size anywhere from 12-500+ attendees. It’s your party, so you and your co-hosts decide how big you want to go!

A Typical House Party

Typically, House Party programs run for an hour with an introduction lead by hosts followed by a presentation about MVP. There is time allotted for Q&A and then host(s) share a pitch to encourage donations. In-person events offer time at the beginning and end of the event for mingling and discussion.

To get a sense of how to organize your time, we recommend reviewing this event flow template and this checklist before you get started.

House Party Resources

Use these resources to skill yourself up on MVP information and be a pro host!

  • Slide Deck: A deep dive into MVP’s 2024 campaign that you can use as a presentation about MVP.
  • MVP Pitch Examples: A great pitch is personal and these examples of pitches that have been used can give you a sense of how to frame your motivation and invite others to give.
  • House Party Toolkit: A full step-by-step guide to walk you through planning for a house party-including sample outreach emails.
  • Promo materials: Videos, physical materials, articles, handouts, talking points, and more. These can support your outreach and follow up emails.
  • Get swag: Request stickers, thank-you cards & envelopes, and brochures free of charge.

Interested in Hosting a Party?

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