Can I volunteer with MVP or MVP partner organizations?

Yes! You can help MVP raise funds for local organizing on the ground (for many of us, this can produce the most votes per hour), and volunteer directly with MVP partners.

Help MVP raise funds for local organizing

MVP does not lead GOTV work ourselves; instead, we invest in the local organizing groups best positioned to turn out key voters in the most critical states and races.

Just as our local partners organize their communities, you can organize your networks to give through MVP to support the work on the ground.

Here’s the case for volunteer donor organizing:

  • Raising funds for local organizing can actually produce the most votes per hour.
  • There is more untapped money in each of our networks than we realize!

Want to fundraise for local organizing? Get involved with MVP »

Get out the vote with MVP partners

Want to get out the vote directly? Join one of our partners »

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