Volunteer Program

Welcome to the MVP Volunteer Donor Organizing Program! Our purpose is to build a movement of donors funding grassroots organizing. Watch this primer on MVP.

What is Donor Organizing? Drawing from Marshall Ganz’s organizing framework, we view it as identifying, recruiting, and developing the leadership of donors; building community around those donors; and building power out of that community to fund our work. 

Plug in right away

  1. Join our Facebook Group for official MVP content you can share.
  2. Join our Slack Community, our “Virtual Campaign Office” for MVP volunteers.
  3. Already highly involved? Join our Core Volunteers Google Group for more frequent updates.


2024 Campaign: Get Involved

MVP is investing in local groups organizing in all the key states and districts in 2024 to ensure a Blue Wave up and down the ballot and pass transformative policy in 2025.

See the MVP 2024 Plan »

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  1. Spread the Word
  2. Attend an Event
  3. Take Action
  4. Volunteer Resources


Spread the Word

Share MVP with your networks with our Spread the Word tools »


Attend a Briefing

At National Briefings, you’ll hear directly from MVP staff and grassroots groups about our strategies to strengthen progressive power.


Take Action

Host a Briefing Watch Party

Gather a small group, in person or on Zoom, to watch and discuss MVP’s next briefing.

Host a Fundraising House Party

Gather your friends and family in person or on Zoom to learn about MVP and join in financial support.

Become a Zoom Manager

Support our virtual events by providing your zoom tech skills as a Zoom Manager.


Volunteer Resources

Volunteer with MVP

Visit our Volunteer Resources for a “one-stop shop” of fundraising and organizing info.

Volunteer with MVP Partner Groups

Learn more here about how you can volunteer directly with MVP partner groups.