Welcome to the MVP Volunteer Donor Organizing Program!

Our purpose is to build a movement of donors funding grassroots organizing.

Watch this primer on MVP and read our strategy to win the 2024 elections.

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  1. Fundraise
  2. Get involved with a Hub
  3. Take on a Volunteer Role
  4. Spread the word about MVP
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Create a personal fundraising campaign

You have the power to make the difference. Create a personal fundraising campaign and invite your community to invest in the movement. Get started »

Host a fundraising House Party

Gather your friends and family in person or on Zoom to learn about MVP and join in financial support. Get started »


Get involved with a Hub

MVP Hubs organize donors to build ongoing support for MVP in their area or network. Learn more »


Take on a volunteer role

Volunteers help keep our work moving and support the growth of the movement. These roles support support the hundreds of house party fundraisers people host that raise millions of dollars for our partners each cycle. Check them out.

Sign up for a role by filling out our volunteer intake form.

Become a Zoom Manager

Support our virtual events by providing your zoom tech skills as a Zoom Manager.

Become a House Party Presenter

Support our events by learning how to give the MVP presentation and joining as an as-needed House Party Presenter.

Become a House Party Coordinator

Coordinator help make sure house parties happen and run smoothly by supporting the hosts. Learn more about House Party Coordinator.


Spread the word about MVP

Share MVP with your networks. Get started »



What *is* donor organizing?

Drawing from Marshall Ganz’s organizing framework, we view it as identifying, recruiting, and developing the leadership of donors; building community around those donors; and building power out of that community to fund our work. 

Volunteer with MVP

Sign up here to volunteer with MVP. You can also visit our Volunteer Resources for a “one-stop shop” of fundraising and organizing info.

Volunteer with MVP local partner organizations

Learn more here about how you can volunteer directly with MVP partner groups.

Volunteer inquiries

For volunteer inquires, email [email protected].