Fundraise Online

Grassroots groups in swing states & districts hold the key to winning elections. The best thing WE can do is organize our communities to FUND them.

This is Donor Organizing: Fundraising from our networks for the grassroots groups best equipped to get out the vote in their own communities.

Create a fundraising page

Create your page and invite your networks to invest in our movement.

Goal #1: Raise $500 in 5 days!

That’s $50 from 10 people — doable, meaningful, and you’ll feel amazing!

View the Fundraising Toolkit

Get step-by-step instructions for making your page and fundraising effectively for MVP. 

View your dashboard

Log in at ActBlue. Go to “Account” » “Fundraising” to edit or view stats on your fundraisers.
* For proper tracking, please use our tool above when making a fundraising page, vs. through your ActBlue account.


Physical “swag”: Request free MVP stickers, donor thank-you cards & envelopes, and brochures.

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Want to do even more to fundraise for MVP? Host a Virtual House Party!

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