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You have the power to make a difference.

Together, we can stop MAGA and organize our networks to join the movement to invest in grassroots power to save our democracy. Create a personal fundraising page and invite your community to invest in the movement.

Getting started

  1. Create your fundraising page by clicking here. You will create your page using Actblue, a fundraising platform MVP uses for online fundraising. Please note, if you are associated with one of our volunteer hubs located in Eastern MA, Western MA, Washington State, California Bay Area, please coordinate with them. You can email [email protected] with any questions about your volunteer hub!
    • See this ActBlue help page for more information about customizing your page such as by adding a goal, videos, and editing the text!
  2. Map out your network. This work is about building community and saving democracy, and the outreach accomplished by volunteers is key to our success. Here are some helpful ways to begin:
    • List your prospects. Consider who in your life is aligned with MVP: Who do you have political conversations with? Who posts about important issues on social media? Who is involved in volunteering and philanthropy? These are the people who are most likely to be excited about this work. Make a list of all your people — your network is wider than you think — and note who you know to be especially aligned and capable of giving.  
    • Personally contact top prospects. Contacting your top prospects directly makes all the difference. Let them know that you’re now a MVP Volunteer Donor Organizer, and ask them about their political goals. The more personal the touch, the more persuasive you can be — nothing beats a one-on-one conversation or friendly note. Have a conversation, or a series of conversations, about how they can make an impact by donating to MVP.
    • Reach out to your wider network. Use email and social media to reach your broader network all at once. 

Resources to help your outreach

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