How does MVP ensure accountability for the groups we support?

MVP works hard to foster a relationship of honest evaluation and mutual accountability with our grantees. We work collaboratively with each group we support to establish shared expectations around voter mobilization, issue campaign impacts, and other metrics. Groups prepare reports after each election cycle, and MVP reviews the goals, budgets, plans, and staffing needs of our grantees annually or more frequently. Grantees that receive $100,000 or more communicate with MVP at least monthly, with frequency sometimes increasing to weekly or even daily as necessary. We review the work of any group that experiences a leadership change. While we try to work with groups that are struggling, we sometimes end partnerships if their results still do not meet our shared expectations.

For emerging groups, we start by making relatively small seed investments. If they are successful, we gradually add funding, based on results. With established groups, we communicate a high set of expectations for evidence of campaign wins, voter engagement, voter turnout, and effective collaboration with other progressive organizations. We develop mutually-agreed upon metrics and review achievement of these metrics on a regular basis.