Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

MVP does not lead GOTV work ourselves; instead, we invest in the local organizing groups best positioned to turn out key voters in the most critical states and races.

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Seed the Vote

Seed the Vote (STV) is an MVP ally (and grantee) that is the best at deploying volunteers to phone bank and canvas in person with locally-based grassroots organizations — most of which are MVP grantees!

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Why we love Seed the Vote:

  • STV partners with locally rooted groups. STV works with grassroots groups that are of, for, and led by those most impacted by injustice, organizing year-round to win elections in the short term and build power over the long term.
  • STV works with groups that can use non-local volunteers. Many grassroots organizations working in marginalized communities can’t easily absorb or make good use of outside volunteers. STV has identified the groups that can.
  • STV follows and amplifies local groups’ strategy. STV routes volunteers directly to its local partners on the ground, and also organizes its own remote phonebanks, using partners’ voter lists, scripts, and training materials.
  • When you volunteer with STV, you are furthering MVP’s mission. When you volunteer at the direction of and in collaboration with local groups, the voters you reach and the messages you carry support and leverage the groups’ work  — which carries impact that goes well beyond that of candidate campaigns.


Other MVP Partners and Allies

People’s Action

People’s Action is extremely adept at onboarding and absorbing new volunteers from around the country. They run an excellent deep-canvassing phone banking program, as well as text banking and door-knocking.

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) runs an excellent phone bank program geared toward white people talking to other white people about why we need to vote for Democrats, as a key step toward advancing racial and economic justice.

Swing Left

Swing Left plugs volunteers into battleground campaigns across the country. Their team  maintains a one-step shop of strategic voter contact opportunities — in-person and virtual — where your time will go furthest to protect and expand Democratic majorities.

Working Families Party

Working Families Party is building a progressive political apparatus that can truly shift the center of political gravity in this country. They offer high-impact opportunities to phone bank, text bank, canvass in person, and more, for key elections nationally.

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