How We Win in 2024

MVP is investing in local groups organizing in all the key states and districts in 2024 to ensure a Blue Wave up and down the ballot and pass transformative policy in 2025.


The MVP Model

  1. Target the most pivotal places and races, both now and for the long term.
  2. Invest in the best local voter organizing groups, with a focus on youth, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), LGBTQ+, and immigrant voters.
  3. Organize key voters who have the power to tip the scales.
  4. Win elections and transformative policy change at every level of government.


Graphic showing the MVP Model: Target the most pivotal places and races. Invest in the best local voter organizations. Organize key voters with the power to tip the scales. Win elections and transformative policy change.


Goal: A Federal + State-Level Blue Wave

Goal #1: Gain a Bold Federal Trifecta

  • Win the Presidency by maximizing turnout by youth, voters of color, and LGBTQ+ voters.
  • Bolster the U.S. Senate + gain the additional reliable vote needed to pass bold policy.
  • Reclaim the U.S. House by flipping five net seats.

Goal #2: Gain State & Local Power

  • End veto-proof GOP supermajorities to protect states from far-right MAGA extremism.
  • Win governorships to bring more state Executive Branches under Democratic control.
  • Win state chambers + down-ballot to increase progressive grassroots and governing power.


“If we get you to the polls on Tuesday, we’re gonna be there for you on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday.” — Onah Ossai, Pennsylvania Stands Up

Strategy: Supercharge Local Organizing

Candidate campaigns only marginally shift turnout, and they close shop post-election. Local organizing drives turnout and builds power that lasts. 

  • Local organizers know their neighbors, and extensive research shows that “relational” outreach moves voters to action far more effectively than ads, robocalls, and mailings.
  • Local issues motivate voters to turn out when they might otherwise tune out.
  • Local organizers build bottom-up power that grows year-round, year after year.

How We’ll Win the Ground Game

In every top-priority state, we have crafted a comprehensive strategy to drive turnout, win in 2024, and build power for 2025 and beyond.

As an example, here is our Georgia 2024 Plan.


Targeting: Go Deep + Broad

Targeting “Toss-Up” races is essential but not enough. If we want to win crucial elections now while growing durable governing majorities long-term, we need to invest in a wider map. In 2024, we will:

  1. Win toss-up races, with targeting informed by on-the-ground expertise and political analysis.
  2. Protect at-risk seats deemed “Lean D” or “Likely D”, as an insurance policy for unexpected GOP gains.
  3. Expand the map, by flipping vulnerable GOP seats and setting the stage for 5-10 year victories.


About MVP

MVP is a one-stop shop for strategically investing in local organizations that win elections and transform policy. MVP…

  • Does the research so you don’t have to.
  • Maximizes your impact by investing in the best local voter engagement organizations.
  • Streamlines your giving, operating like a “mutual fund for political donations.”
  • Frees your inbox, so you can finally unsubscribe from all the political spam.

Track Record

  • In 2020, MVP local partners helped flip key swing states for Biden, and were instrumental in close state-level victories in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan.
  • Then, on January 5, 2021, they helped deliver an unprecedented U.S. Senate double runoff victory in Georgial, giving Democrats a trifecta governing majority.
  • 2022 was supposed to be a Red Wave. But MVP partners defied the odds, picked up a seat in the Senate, came 6,675 votes shy of holding the House, and won a state Blue Wave.
  • In 2023, MVP partners helped Democrats flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court; helped defeat an anti-democratic ballot measure in Ohio; and helped win November elections in Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

Read our Impact Reports for the details.

Learn More

Read our Donor’s Guide To Strategic Political Giving to see why investing in local organizing is how we can win elections, transform policy, and build political power that grows each year.


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