Strategy to Win in 2024

Movement Voter PAC is supporting hundreds of local organizations in all the top 2024 states and districts to reach tens of millions of voters, win elections up and down ballot, and pass policy in 2025.

The MVP Strategy

  1. Target the most pivotal places and races that will shape our country now and long-term.
  2. Invest in the best local groups organizing in the most marginalized communities.
  3. Mobilize the most disenfranchised voters who have the power to tip the closest races.
Track Record

Collectively, our hundreds of grassroots partners helped beat Trump and win the Senate in 2020, and defied the odds in 2022 by staving off a Red Wave and winning a state-level Blue Wave. Read our 2020 Report and 2022 Report to learn more.

Donate Now

Maximize your political impact by donating online through Movement Voter PAC.

Gifts over $25,000: Email [email protected] and an MVP Philanthropic Advisor will be happy to discuss giving methods or to create a giving plan tailored to key places, races, and issue areas.

Why MVP is Your One Stop for Strategic Giving:
  • We do the research so you don’t have to.
  • We invest in grassroots groups best-positioned to swing elections and build lasting power.
  • We simplify and optimize your giving, like a “mutual fund for political donations.”
  • You get to hit “unsubscribe” on all those fundraising emails.

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