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Zo Tobi

Director of Donor Organizing

As Director of Donor Organizing, Zo leads MVP’s work to build a movement of donors organizing their own communities to fund the grassroots organizing that wins elections & creates lasting political transformation.

Zo’s passion is giving MVP volunteers all they need in order to fundraise for MVP and our grassroots partners — so they can wake up after each election with no regrets, proud that they did all they could for the world they want to see.

Zo has studied with renowned organizer Marshall Ganz, visionary fundraiser Lynne Twist, master coach Maria Nemeth, and scholar-activist Joanna Macy. As a climate organizer, he helped envision & execute a campaign of 50+ organizations turning out hundreds of thousands of climate voters in 2008. As a coach since 2010, he has supported hundreds of progressive leaders, from organizers to managers, executives, funders, fundraisers, & board chairs, in organizations including ACLU, Sunrise, Sierra Club, & 

Zo ended his coaching practice and joined MVP after his daughter was born, when he realized this was his most authentic path to leaving her a world he’d be proud of. Zo is a singer-songwriter, sci-fi geek, and irreverent humor nerd, and lives in New Hampshire with his wife Kelly & daughter Ayla.