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Regina Clemente

Director, Western Rural and Plains States Project

Regina Clemente is the Director of the Western Rural and Plains States (WRAPS) Project, a partner organization that advises MVP on investments in 10 predominantly red and rural states: Alaska, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Wyoming. With a theory of change grounded in the belief that meaningful, lasting progress must come from and be held by local communities, WRAPS helps support and build sustainable grassroots organizing year-round, not just when these states happen to have a federal race or issue of interest to the larger progressive community. WRAPS brings increased resources and attention to these states — prioritizing BIPOC (with a particular focus on Native/Indigenous), LGBTQ, and youth communities — through financial investments, deep collaborations, and, ultimately, political, policy, and movement wins. In 2021, WRAPS moved $1.4 million to organizations in these states, with over 54% going to BIPOC led and serving organizations.

Regina has been working in movement, community, and political organizing for the past 22 years. Her experience includes managing teams and campaigns at Planned Parenthood, the LA LGBT Center, ACORN, Blue State Digital, Brave New Films, and Movement Voter Project, where she served as Managing Director from 2018-2020. She has expertise in deep canvassing, grassroots messaging research, issue and candidate campaigns, legislative campaigns, building huge volunteer teams to do strategic voter contact and mobilization, and managing diverse teams to achieve ambitious goals. She lives in beautiful Boise, Idaho with her family and is always down to talk about organizing in rural, red states!