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Regina Clemente

Senior Advisor

Regina has committed the last 23 years of her life to organizing, coalition building, fundraising, and managing teams for social-justice nonprofits, healthcare organizations, impact film companies, and progressive political campaigns at the local, state, national, and global level.

Since getting her degree in Urban and Environmental Policy from Occidental College, she has led teams at organizations such as ACCE (when it was ACORN), Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, the L.A. LGBT Center, Freedom to Marry, Brave New Films, and Movement Voter Project.

From 2018 through 2020, Regina served as MVP’s managing director, helping to build the foundation of the organization that MVP is today. In 2021, Regina created a new program strategy lane at MVP, launching and running the Western Rural and Plains States Project. This expanded MVP’s model deeper into 10 predominantly red, rural states that traditionally receive far less funding and attention — with an increased focus on supporting Native/Indigenous-led organizing and issues at the intersection of environmental and economic justice. Regina now serves as MVP Senior Advisor, organizing a full range of MVP donors and prospects.

Regina brings expertise in social impact fundraising, deep canvassing, grassroots messaging research, issue and candidate campaigns, legislative campaigns, building large volunteer teams to do voter contact and mobilization, and managing diverse teams to achieve ambitious goals. Her deep canvassing experience goes back to 2009, where she helped develop the model through running canvass programs aimed at moving voters on marriage equality in multiple states including California, Minnesota, Maine, and Oregon.

She is extremely committed to working across lines of difference, with a deep belief that meaningful, lasting progress must come from and be held by local communities and that philanthropy must help support and build sustainable grassroots organizing in all states, year-round – not just in places most critical to immediate electoral wins (though, man, does she love those, too!).

She lives in beautiful Boise, Idaho with her family and is always down to talk about building progressive power through organizing!

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