All Team Members

Tom Mendelsohn

Senior Consultant, Donor Organizing

As a Consultant to Donor Organizing, Tom supports the department as it collaborates with volunteers to innovate and build systems to help donors organize their own networks to fund local grassroots organizing groups and spread the word about the power of the MVP model far and wide. Tom believes that centering the groups and leaders who have always born the brunt of injustice in our country is the key to our country’s future. 

Tom serves as a Donor Advisor to a group of major donors, and he and Tony Mack co-founded MVP’s Eastern MA Local Volunteer Team, which helped raise more than $7M for grassroots groups. Tom also has more than 30 years working with nonprofits to build strong organizations, leaders, and information and management systems. 

While Tom still runs a consulting firm with his wife and co-conspirator of 35 years, since September 2018 he has focused a majority of his time supporting MVP and its volunteers and donors. Tom received his Masters in Management from the Heller School at Brandeis University in 1989, and earned an undergraduate degree in Environmental Education at the University of Michigan in 1984. He lives in Brookline, is a proud father of three and grandfather of one, and loves building things, camping, cooking, and, most of all, eating.