January 10, 2024

What exactly are local organizing groups *doing* in the lead-up to the November elections?

The premise of MVP is that investing in local organizing is the most effective way to win elections — and to build political power beyond any single election. But what exactly does this work *look like* in the lead-up to November? And why is early funding so crucial?
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The MVP 2024 Field Plan

The MVP model is based on the following premises:

  • Local organizing wins elections and builds power that lasts.
  • Early money goes further.

We’ve written at length about why this is the case. But what exactly are MVP local partners doing in the many months leading up to Election Day, for which early investment is such a crucial component of success?

To answer that question, we want to take you “behind the curtain” by introducing you to the MVP 2024 Field Plan.


The MVP 2024 Field Plan

The MVP 2024 Field Plan is a 12-month campaign with four key phases. In each phase, MVP grantee partners carry out crucial, distinctive work that builds toward the next.

For illustration purposes, here is a non-exhaustive (and simplified) roadmap. Timing, sequencing, and nuances will vary by state and organization.

PHASE 1 (January – March): Catalyze

  • Align and refine strategy, internally and with statewide allies, for voter registration (helping eligible supporters register to vote), identification (identifying supporters or persuadable voters), persuasion (swaying undecided voters), and mobilization (aka Get-Out-The-Vote, GOTV).
  • Assess and build capacity by developing organizational and coalition-wide tools, skills, and systems to meet the anticipated challenges of the year ahead.
  • Engage constituencies and recruit volunteers for the most robust operation possible.

PHASE 2 (April – June): Galvanize

  • Identify and register voters among key geographies and demographics.
  • Advance or oppose key bills that will impact voters and motivate turnout.
  • Praise or attack candidates based on their positions on the most salient issues, such as abortion rights, criminalization, and economic security.

PHASE 3 (July – September): Mobilize

  • Voter engagement via peer organizing, canvassing, calls, texts, and events.
  • Voter persuasion using trusted local messengers to sway undecided voters.
  • Get Out the Early Vote in states with early voting by mail or in person.

PHASE 4 (October – December): Endgame

  • Final Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) to maximize supporter turnout by Election Day — and for runoffs as needed, i.e. the U.S. Senate race in Georgia.
  • Election protection to counter voter suppression, ensure all votes are counted, and overcome election subversion tactics by MAGA extremists.
  • Campaign evaluation to identify best practices and lessons learned. This period also includes crucial 2025 planning, when local partners’ focus will shift toward local power building and policy advocacy.


Conclusion: Early Money Matters.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be delving more deeply into the various aspects of our 2024 campaign.

For now, if you get one thing from this overview, let it be this: Early money matters.

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Every dollar today yields more votes than a dollar closer to Election Day.

If we wait until closer to November to give, MVP’s local partners will be fighting the electoral fight of their lives with one hand tied behind their back.

Conversely: If give big and give early like our democracy, our rights, and our climate depend on it, we have a historic opportunity to win the Presidency, save the Senate, and reclaim the House — and then pass the most bold legislative agenda in our lifetimes.

Sign our Early Giving Pledge, and then head to our Donation Methods page to make your biggest investment ever.

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