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November 07, 2023
A Donor’s Guide to Strategic Political Giving
With early, sustained investment in local voter organizations, we can win elections, pass transformative policy change, and build political power that grows each year.
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October 31, 2023
Real Talk on 2024: What Will It Really Take to Win?
Many of us gave like our lives depended on it in 2020, and in 2022. And now we’re thinking, “Really?!” with a sense of disbelief, “do we really have to do this all over again?!” But while we grapple with our feelings, the MAGA movement is gaining ground.
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September 06, 2023
Sending Up the Bat Signal
The bad news: We have a five-alarm fire going into 2024. The good news: We can save the country and usher in a new Progressive Era.