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December 04, 2023
Winning from the Bottom Up: Turn Bucks Blue (Bucks County, PA)
A key part of MVP's strategy to win the biggest federal elections is to invest in local groups working year-round to win the smallest local elections. One example: Turn Bucks Blue, working in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
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November 17, 2023
How We Win Georgia in the 2024 Elections
In 2024, Georgia’s sixteen electoral votes could decide the presidential race. We will deliver those votes — while also flipping at least seven state legislative seats. Here's how we'll do it.
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November 14, 2023
VIDEO: Last week’s election debrief
Several states had pivotal elections on November 7th. We gathered with organizers to hear what happened, what it means — and how we gear up now to win in 2024. Here are their stories.
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November 08, 2023
November 2023 Elections Recap: We. Won. Big.
On November 7, 2023, MVP local partners helped Democrats win almost every one of the most consequential elections of the year — from Pennsylvania to Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and more.
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November 07, 2023
A Donor’s Guide to Strategic Political Giving
With early, sustained investment in local voter organizations, we can win elections, pass transformative policy change, and build political power that grows each year.
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November 01, 2023
Fall 2023 Newsletter: Heartbreak + Hope + Holding Us Together
These past few weeks have been intense, emotional, heartbreaking, horrifying. Even with everything going on, the MVP team is working hard to focus on our job: making sure we don’t have fascism in this country one year from now.