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September 19, 2023
An Urgent Message for Progressive and Democratic Donors
Blue Tent, the trusted website for progressive donor recommendations, just published "The Bat Signal memo," MVP's urgent call to action to invest in 2023 to win big in 2024.
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September 06, 2023
Sending Up the Bat Signal
The bad news: We have a five-alarm fire going into 2024. The good news: We can save the country and usher in a new Progressive Era.
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August 31, 2023
How Do We Build a Durable Progressive Majority?
If we play our cards right, we can create a new normal where we reliably win federal elections by multiple percentage points, enact policies that reflect our values, and rebuild our country with a more sustainable and inclusive vision.
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May 25, 2023
The Debt Ceiling Fight and 2024
The looming threat of a completely unnecessary financial crisis – or deep cuts for struggling families – is one more reason why MVP is targeting every competitive Presidential, Senate and House election in 2024.
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February 02, 2023
Here’s How We Secure a Progressive Win in the 2024 Presidential Race
2024 is a pivotal year in setting the political trajectory for the next decade. To secure victory in 2024, it is essential to invest early in 2023. MVP is calling on progressive donors and allies to make strategic investments in early 2023 to win key elections and to impact legislation.
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January 26, 2023
Wisconsin Supreme Court: How We Continue Building a Progressive Decade
Wisconsin has always been a hub for progressive ideals, from education to labor rights and more. But after the election of Republican Governor Scott Walker, the progressive landscape and the opportunities that came with it drastically changed. But Wisconsin isn’t giving up on reviving their progressive past – and neither are we.