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About Movement Voter PAC

MVP helps donors invest in grassroots organizations in swing states & districts, to win elections and build progressive power for policies and governance that improves the lives of all Americans.

Here are the key points:

  1. Working at the intersections of social movements, grassroots communities, and elections is the best way to ensure that we both win big and build long-term progressive power.
  2. Investing in grassroots organizing is the best way to impact elections. This is what MVP does.
  3. Youth and voters of color can swing the closest elections. MVP invests in these constituencies.
  4. Turnout increases most when voters hear from people they know. This is what MVP funds.
  5. Candidate campaigns end, win or lose. MVP partners build power year-round, year after year.
  6. With early funding, MVP partners can maximize their reach, voter turnout, and policy wins.
  7. MVP partners are organizing their communities. The best thing we can do is fund them.

Learn more about MVP’s strategy & impact:

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MVP partners are organizing their communities to get out the vote & build power. The best thing we can do is organize our communities to fund and support them.

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