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Campaign Overview

We are currently developing our 2023-2024 volunteer plan. Here’s our initial high-level overview:

2023 Campaign Theme: “How do we win in 2024? Invest in local organizers — now.”

MVP’s local partners need early, sustained investment to win elections, but more importantly, to build lasting power and effect policy change.

2023 Donor Organizing focus: Deepen donor support

Fundraising wisdom teaches that retaining donors is easier than acquiring new ones. Luckily, MVP volunteers have already brought in thousands of donors! Even as we keep welcoming new donors, we invite you to join in the strategic priority of deepening donor support. This looks like:

  • Re-Engaging: Thanking past donors and building community around MVP’s work.
  • Educating: Deepening donors’ knowledge of and enthusiasm for the MVP model.
  • Renewing: Inspiring past donors to renew their support in 2023.
  • Upgrading: Inspiring donors to increase giving and become monthly sustainers.


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