Host a House Party fundraiser

Grassroots groups in swing states & districts hold the key to winning elections. The best thing WE can do is organize our communities to FUND them.

A virtual or in-person House Party fundraiser is a fun and inspiring way to gather your network to learn about and support MVP.

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  • Option 1: Request a Volunteer-Assisted House Party (minimum goal of $5,000 raised or 25 RSVPs), in which our volunteer Event Production Team will plan the event with you, and support event tech, production, & facilitation. (You recruit your own co-hosts.)
  • Option 2: Host a “Do-It Yourself” (DIY) House Party. We’ll provide the registration and fundraising tools, instructions, materials, outline, & talking points you’ll need. (Great for confident organizers!)
  • Option 3: Join a Community Party as a Co-Host. We’re gathering co-hosts from across the country who are ready to set a goal to each bring at least 10 guests. Volunteers will be on-hand to support from start to finish; providing invitations, registering the party, presenting, and coordinating follow-up.

DIY House Party Toolkit & Materials


Email us at [email protected], or ask for help on our Volunteer Slack Community!