Host a House Party fundraiser

House Parties are an engaging way to invite your community to learn more about MVP, the groups we support, and to ask your people to join you as a donor.

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What is a House Party?

A House Party is a way for Movement Voter Project (MVP) supporters to fundraise and spread the word about MVP by inviting their friends and family to an online space, living room, or backyard.

At parties, there is usually a 20-minute presentation, coupled with a shared sense of community and hope for what is possible with investment in grassroots organizations that hold the key to reviving democracy.

Parties have a welcoming environment where connections are made and questions are answered. Expect to hear about the past and present of MVP, the funding model, stories from the field, and hosts sharing what engagement as a donor and volunteer means to them.

What is a Community Party?

In 2022, MVP volunteers who had hosted and supported Virtual House Parties online launched a new initiative designed to make hosting more accessible. MVP donors from across the country can join as a co-host with support from experienced volunteers.

Community Parties bring together interested co-hosts who want to spread the word and invite friends to learn about MVP’s unique model to turnout voters, empower communities, and build long-term power.

Basic details:

  • Each host is asked to set a goal of bringing a minimum of 10 guests to the event or raising $1,000. (Don’t worry, these are just target goals; all are welcome!). Each host is invited to planning meetings and interested hosts have a speaking role in the program.
  • Community Parties in the 2022 Cycle have had between 7-13 hosts, and between 50-110 attending online. The full virtual event is 1 hour.
  • Volunteers will support the planning from start to finish, providing invitations, creating registration, donation and zoom links, presenting, and follow-up.
  • Staff from the MVP Program Team join the party to answer questions about how the money is used to support organizing and share what the work looks like in action!

Can I host a “DIY” House Party without assistance?

Yes! Check out our resources below, and fill out our Intake Form to let us know you’re working on it.

2022 DIY House Party Toolkit & Materials


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