Host a House Party fundraiser

MVP grassroots partners are organizing their communities to get out the vote & build power. The best thing we can do is organize our communities to fund and support them. 

A virtual or in-person House Party fundraiser is an easy, fun, inspiring way to gather your network to learn about and support MVP. We’ll give you the materials, tools, and support to make it a success, each step of the way.

Step 1: Sign up

Fill out this Intake Form, and our volunteer team will follow up with you!

Step 2: Start planning your House Party

Option 1: Request a Volunteer-Assisted House Party

First-time Host? Or just want some support? Can you raise $5k OR get 25 RSVPs? If so:

  • Fill out the Intake Form and we’ll contact you to explore next steps.
  • We’ll support you as much as you’d like with planning, tech, turnout, & event production.
  • As Host, your role is to invite your community, open the event, share from your heart about why you support MVP, and help “make the ask.”
Option 2: Host a “Do-It Yourself” (DIY) House Party

Comfortable hosting a House Party using our materials below? If so: 

DIY House Party Toolkit & Materials

  • House Party Toolkit: A step-by-step roadmap for hosting a successful virtual or in-person MVP House Party fundraiser, start to finish.
  • Presentation Deck with info about MVP, our 2022 campaign, and an in-depth 12-minute video (+ six “mix-and-match” 1-2 minute clips).
  • Promo Kit: Videos, physical materials, articles, handouts, talking points, and more.