Host a Zoom Salon

What is a Zoom Salon?

A Zoom Salon is an intimate gathering of your network to hear about or discuss Movement Voter Project together. This is an opportunity to introduce MVP to your networks and tie in MVP’s model and theory of change to what you and your network care about most.

Zoom Salons typically happen virtually, but can also happen in person! Such as, in your own living room.

How do you host a Zoom Salon?

  • Step 1: Consider your network. Who would you like to have in a room (virtual or in person) for the discussion. We recommend those who have shared political interest.
  • Step 2: Consider size and speaking opportunities. To create an opportunity for everyone to speak, discuss, and share, it is important to consider the number of people in a space. If you are having more than 8 people, for instance, will you be using break out rooms to provide opportunities for all people to speak?
  • Step 3: Finalize your location. Will it be Zoom? Google meet? In-person? 
  • Step 4: Register via our intake form here to receive a personal fundraising link for your event. This will help track who and how much you raise.
  • Step 5: Send your invitations. We recommend sending invitations (by email, call, or text) no later than 2 weeks in advance.
  • Step 6: Hold your event!
  • Step 7: Follow up and thank your attendees.

Tips and Resources

As an MVP supporter, your story holds a lot of power with your networks. Think about why you support MVP and use that as a starting place when engaging your network.

You can engage your network in topics such as: what inspires people to give? What is the world they hope to see? Donating is a way of taking action and provides a powerful way to be part of the movement.

Resources to share or discuss:

Interested in Hosting a Zoom salon?

Register via our intake form here.