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MVP is a one-stop shop for investing strategically in hundreds of local organizations to win the 2024 elections, transform policy in 2025, and build political power that lasts.

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Maximize your impact.

MVP does the research so you don’t have to, maximizes your impact by investing in the best local voter engagement organizations, and streamlines your giving — operating like a “mutual fund for political donations.”

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Early money goes further.

Every dollar today yields more votes than a dollar closer to Election Day.

Early money helps groups staff up, scale up, and level up — which means robust, year-round operations that can win elections and change policy.

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Graphic showing the MVP Model: Target the most pivotal places and races. Invest in the best local voter organizations. Organize key voters with the power to tip the scales. Win elections and transformative policy change.

Organizing works. With early, sustained investment in local voter organizations, we can win elections, transform policy, and build political power that grows each year. MVP makes it easy.

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April 17, 2024
Why MVP is Proud to Support the Uncommitted Movement
The Uncommitted movement is a new force to be reckoned with in American politics, shifting the conversation around Gaza by leveraging primary votes in key battleground states like Michigan and Wisconsin. They have a four-phase plan that includes fighting fascism and securing democracy at the ballot box in November. MVP believes their work is key to addressing the biggest challenge of 2024: The “Biden Enthusiasm Gap.” MVP Executive Director, Billy Wimsatt, shares why MVP has been supporting this strategy.
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Want to Beat Trump in 2024?

Want to beat Trump in 2024? Help fund the local organizing groups who can turn out the exact voters we need to win.

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