Volunteer Overview

Welcome to the MVP Donor Organizing Program! We’re so glad you’re here. Volunteering with MVP is one of the most strategic, fulfilling ways to make an impact. MVP volunteers are dedicated and kind, and our work turns anxiety into lasting hope and meaningful action.

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2022 campaign: Defy the Odds

Control of the House & Senate will be decided by narrow margins in a few key races, and grassroots groups could tip the scales. Our goal as a volunteer community is to raise $3 million for these groups, by inspiring our networks to donate via House Parties & personal fundraising!

Volunteer events & opportunities

Come see what MVP volunteer donor organizing is all about. (View all upcoming opportunities »

  • House Party fundraisers: Get an intro to MVP and our strategy. Join & invite 3 friends!
  • Phonebanks: Sundays @ 11am-1pm PT // 2-4pm ET; Wednesdays @ 1-2pm PT // 4-5pm ET
    Make thank-you calls to MVP donors. New volunteers welcome, training included!
  • Volunteer Orientation: Mondays @ 12-1pm PT // 3-4pm ET, weekly through Oct 31
    Get an overview of our 2022 campaign, and find your role.
  • Office Hours: Wednesdays @ 2-3pm PT // 5-6pm ET, weekly through Nov 2
    Get support and “deep dive” training to increase your organizing skills.
  • Community Calls & Trainings: Thursdays @ 1:30-2:30pm PT // 4:30-5:30pm
    Get campaign updates, connect with MVP volunteers nationally, and build your skills.

Volunteer roles

Ready for action?
Ready to fundraise?
  • Grassroots Fundraiser: Create a fundraising page and invite your network to donate.
  • House Party Host: Host your own DIY or volunteer-assisted House Party.
  • House Party Co-Host: Join an existing party, with a goal to bring at least 10 guests.
  • Party Presenter (coming soon): Present at a House Party and share your MVP story.
Ready to organize? (coming soon)
  • Follow-Up Coordinator: Organizing starts with follow up! Help ensure that House Parties make the most impact possible, and that attendees continue to be involved with MVP.
  • Party Coordinator: Support House Party Hosts as a mentor and project manager, to utilize the 4-6 weeks leading up to the party and make the most of the potential of their network.
  • Party Scheduler: Make initial contact with newly-interested Party Hosts to schedule the party and connects them with volunteer support.

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