Native Voter Fund

Why Your Donation Matters

About the Native Voter Fund:

  • The easiest “one click” way to donate to local Native-led organizations who have a track record of voter registration, election protection, and getting Native voters out to the polls to make sure that Native communities are heard in the democratic process! These groups also work on local community building, advocacy and issue organizing year-round, in addition to voter engagement.
  • 100% of funds go directly or are regranted directly to local groups.
  • Make a Catalytic Difference – These are locally-rooted, small-to-medium sized organizations where your dollars can make a game-changing difference.
  • Curated in partnership with long-time Native organizers – This fund is co-curated with Movement Voter Project in partnership with three long-time Native organizers who have decades of experience. Each co-curator brings a huge network of relationships and expertise to draw on: Judith LeBlanc, Executive Director of the Native Organizers Alliance; Chrissie Castro, Executive Director of California Native Vote Project & Advance Native Political Leadership; and Janeen Comenote, Executive Director of the National Urban Indian Family Coalition.  The groups are chosen based on multiple criteria – in alignment with MVP’s priority states and the fund is still growing. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to make additional suggestions of groups to include.
  • Build long-term infrastructure and leadership for change – The Native Voter Fund invests in groups that are locally rooted and driving change not just for one election, but year after year – with a focus on MVP’s priority states. We fund organizations and local leaders that got out the vote in 2018 and are immediately getting to work on 2019 and 2020, not one-off campaigns that come and go each cycle.

Need more support to donate? This “one click’ option is designed for quick online giving. If you want to donate from a foundation or donor advised fund, or want more detailed information, please contact us.

The Native Voter Fund supports these groups:
Native Peoples Action

A newly formed Indigenous-led organization that gives voice to the ancestral imperative to uplift Indigenous peoples. It provides Alaska Native peoples, communities, and their values a voice at all levels of policymaking and leverages a strong community network that provides guidance in connecting values with political candidates, proposed policies and land management. Their focus includes advocacy, education, local decision-making, and unifying Indigenous communities to address issues impacting their ways of life.

Diné C.A.R.E.

Dine Citizens Against Ruining our Environment is a recognized environmental all-Navajo organization based within the Navajo homeland. Its empowering local and traditional people to organize, speak out and determine their own destinies. Its educating and advocating for traditional teachings and providing a voice for all life in the Four Sacred Mountains. Among their victories on multiple issues, a key one is winning reform of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act.

Arizona, National Groups
Native Organizers Alliance / Four Directions Inc.

The Native Organizers Alliance, a project of People’s Action, supports grassroots changemakers who advance the welfare of indigenous people by providing them resources, support, technical assistance, and networks. They aim to develop new organizers’ capacity within the movement. In addition to being active in the DAPL fight they were also involved in a successful voting rights case bringing early voting closer to tribes in Northern Nevada.

New Mexico
Native American Voters Alliance / NAVA Education Fund

NAVA organizes Native American electorate to create and implement a civic agenda that will improve the quality of life for Native families in New Mexico. NAVA works on voter education, developing leadership in renewability and sustainability, protecting sacred sites, and ending predatory lending.

North Dakota
North Dakota Native Vote

North Dakota Native Vote conducts community outreach and voter education to increase electoral involvement and strengthen the state’s Native American communities. In 2018, they will be identifying, recruiting, and mobilizing in support of Native American candidates for state and local office.

South Dakota
Native Youth Leadership Alliance (NYLA)

A powerful nationally-based Native-led organization that invests in young Native American leaders to spark culturally-based community change. It organizes a year-long leadership program that provides training, support, and resources to help young Native leaders create positive change in their communities. It is the only national program for Native leaders that holistically focus on both individual skills and community development.

Menikanaehkem Inc. - Community Rebuilders (Menominee Tribe)

A grassroots organization based on the Menominee Reservation working to revitalize their communities. It provides a platform for health and wellness by leading by example, celebrating the sacredness of life, and embracing their strengths as a First Nations People. Its leading powerful multigenerational initiatives including the Women’s Retreats, Community Art, Energy Sovereignty, and the Protectors of the Menominee River.

National Groups
Advance Native Political Leadership

Advance Native Political Leadership is an emergent grassroots project that is working to build political power for Native communities by working towards equity in Native American representation in elected offices and building Native integrated voter engagement capacity.

Native Voter Fund
The easiest way to donate to Native-led organizing groups.