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November 08, 2023
November 2023 Elections Recap: We. Won. Big.
On November 7, 2023, MVP local partners helped Democrats win almost every one of the most consequential elections of the year — from Pennsylvania to Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and more.
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August 31, 2023
Stories from the States: Organizing + Elections = Progress!
At the state and local levels, everywhere we have invested deeply and consistently, organizers have been building and winning huge victories and achieving things that seemed out of reach just a few years ago.
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April 19, 2023
Q&A: Muslim Coalition on Organizing During Ramadan and Beyond
The Muslim Coalition exemplifies the outsized impact investing in under-resourced communities — deeply and consistently — can have as we move forward towards a multi-racial democracy that includes us all. We sat down with Abdulahi Farah, Lead Organizer, to learn more about their inspiring work.
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February 03, 2023
What Progressives Can Win for Minnesota in 2023
We have a lot to celebrate in Minnesota lately. After narrowly winning a Democratic Trifecta, re- electing progressive champion Attorney General Keith Ellison and Governor Tim Walz, the state has continued ramping up a new generation of progressive leadership. With the support of MVP’s grassroots partners, we now have a core group of legislators ready to make bold changes and uphold their commitments to the communities who elected them.