September 24, 2023

US progressive groups facing ‘five-alarm fire’ ahead of 2024 as donations down

The Guardian just interviewed MVP's Executive Director, Billy Wimsatt, and referenced "The Bat Signal memo," MVP's urgent call to action to invest in 2023 to win big in 2024.
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The Guardian just interviewed MVP’s Executive Director, Billy Wimsatt, and referenced “The Bat Signal” memo, MVP’s urgent call to action to invest in 2023 to win big in 2024.

The piece gives a clear-eyed look at the problem, then our memo gives the solution.

  1. Read The Guardian piece (PDF version here), then
  2. Read, share, and take action on our Bat Signal memo.

Key quotes + notes

  • “2015–2022 had been an extraordinary time of political upheaval and uncertainty and Donald Trump motivated donors on the Democratic side. But with Trump out of office, grassroots donors on the left feel a sense of stability and reduce motivation to give.”  ⬅️ Yep. And we ignore Trump at our peril.
  • “In 2020 progressive Democrats “busted our ass to win by 43,000 votes across three states”, Wimsatt says, referring to 2020 Democrat margins in Wisconsin (20,608), Arizona (10,357) and Georgia (11,799). “But if we don’t bust our ass again we’ll lose by 43,000.”  ⬅️ Luckily, MVP has a plan to cause a Blue Wave in the 2024 elections. Read the plan »
  • “Breathless emails flooding inboxes may be good at squeezing small-dollar donors but not good at educating the base, getting the base into the fight or winning their trust, [Executive Director of Working Families Party, Maurice Mitchell] says, “but progressives need to articulate the ‘why’ outside of ensuring a second Biden term”, he added.” ⬅️ YES!!! 2024 isn’t just about preventing a “MAGApocaplypse” but about making real, tangible improvements in millions of people’s lives. See what MVP local partners have already accomplished in red, blue, and purple states »

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