Zoom Team

Calling all progressive Zoom nerds!

Have Zoom skills? Want to make a MAJOR difference in raising funds for progressive grassroots groups organizing year-round and turning out the vote in key battleground states & districts? Join the Movement Voter Project (MVP) volunteer Zoom Team!

The purpose of this team is to support the success of volunteer-led MVP Virtual House Parties everywhere, by managing all Zoom tech before & during the event.

Sign up as a volunteer Zoom Manager

Ready to join the Zoom Team? Here’s what to do next:

  1. Read the role description below, then sign up here »
  2. Join our Slack Community, and join our #zoom-managers channel.

The opportunity

  • Movement Voter Project’s sister entity, Movement Voter PAC, is raising funds for youth- & BIPOC-led grassroots groups organizing and turning out the vote in the most critical states & districts.
  • To fund this work, volunteers are hosting Virtual House Parties across the country.
  • These events have raised millions of dollars that will fund organizing & turnout efforts for years.
  • Each event requires a volunteer “Zoom Manager” to screen share, mute participants, etc.
  • With enough Zoom Managers, we’ll be able to organize hundreds of these volunteer-led events.
  • How will we meet this growing need and take this to scale? That’s where you come in!

The Zoom Manager role

Time commitment:
  • Ideally 2 events or more per month, all based on your availability
  • Time per event: 1 hour before + 1-2 hours during (usually in the evenings)
  • Fast, reliable internet & computer (laptop or desktop)
  • paid Zoom Meetings “Pro” account ($15/mo)
    * Toggle to “Billed Monthly” if you’d like to go back to the Free plan after.
    * Please contact us if this is a financial barrier.
  • Experience running Zoom events (+ screen sharing Google Slides, video, & audio)
  • Comfort with Google Slides, including Presenter Mode and playing embedded videos
  • General tech-savviness, including working well with those with less tech fluency
How it works:
  1. As House Parties get scheduled, event organizers will seek out Zoom Managers on Slack.
  2. You can sign up as Zoom Manager for as many or as few events as fit your schedule.
  3. After signing up for a House Party, you’ll work with the event team before & during the event.
Before a House Party, as needed, you will:
  • Decide with the event team whether you’ll use your Zoom account or theirs.
  • Create the Zoom meeting link that will be included in all event invitations.
  • Configure the Zoom account and meeting settings.
  • Review agenda, slides, and any video / tech elements.
  • Add the $50 “Large Meetings” Add-On if the event exceeds 100 RSVPs.
    * Here’s a video showing the easy-to-miss “Billed Monthly” toggle option.
    * Please contact us if this is a financial barrier.
  • Run “soundcheck” with presenters prior to the event.
During a House Party, as needed, you will:

Training resources

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House Party materials
Zoom basics
Zoom support
Zoom features
Screen sharing

Get in touch

Questions? Email Zo Tobi, Director of Donor Organizing: [email protected]