Leaders Igniting Transformation Action Fund

During the 2020 election season, Leaders Igniting Transformation Action Fund (LIT) showed the nation what it means to invest in young people’s leadership, and it was years in the making. Movement Voter Project granted over $1.4 million in funding to grow and expand LIT across Wisconsin, including rural areas. Through investment in base building, leadership development, training, and a relational organizing model, they built a base of over 1,000 leaders across Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin. LIT knows that to transform communities, we need a bold, proactive agenda led by young people that makes the movement to respect and value black and brown lives a reality.

It is precisely this vision that helped LIT reach over 6.3 million digitally, register 10,900 new voters (more than half of Biden’s margin of victory in the state), and collect over 15,000 pledges to vote in the 2020 election. Additionally, after 2 years of advocacy, they successfully got Milwaukee Public Schools to end contracts with police, echoing calls to reimagine community safety. By engaging with young people at every aspect of Democracy, LIT continues to build long term power that divests from failure and invests in freedom for all of us.


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