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MVP Washington Volunteer Hub, living their best life at their “Dance for Democracy” fundraiser for MVP

MVP Washington Volunteer Hub, living their best life at their “Dance for Democracy” fundraiser for MVP

What does an MVP Volunteer Hub do?

MVP Hubs organize donors to build ongoing support for MVP in their area or network, by:

  1. Teaming up and building community around MVP’s work.
  2. Educating donors about MVP and our local partner organizations’ work.
  3. Most importantly, fundraising for MVP and our local partners in their networks.

Interested in joining an event or volunteering with one of the teams? Fill out our volunteer intake form and select “join a volunteer team.”

You will be connected to a hub based on your location, or one of the issue-based hubs, based on what you put in the “how are you most interested in helping out” section.


Local Hubs


Bay Area

MVP has a team of volunteers located in the Bay Area who are focused on hosting house parties – both in person and virtually, as well as spreading the word throughout the area.


MVP was founded in Massachusetts and has a broad network in the state which includes two of our longest standing volunteer hubs:

  • Eastern Massachusetts (Greater Boston Area)
  • Western Massachusetts

Washington State

Our Washington hub of volunteers have been well established since 2019. Join their fundraising, event planning, and volunteer community.

Emerging Hubs

Get involved early on to help shape the future of new emerging hubs! These volunteer networks are looking for folks to jump in and help the momentum to build by hosting an event or taking on a volunteer role.

  • California (Los Angeles)
  • DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV area)
  • Illinois (Chicago)
  • Maine (Portland)
  • New York (Metro NYC, including Long Island + Hudson Valley)
  • Oregon (Portland)
  • Rhode Island


Affinity Hubs

Healthcare Leaders for Democracy

In 2022, a group of healthcare leaders decided that they wanted to ban together to fundraise for MVP. They are on a roll hosting events and raising money. 

Legal Community for Democracy

In 2024, Legal Community for Democracy launched with their first house party for MVP in January raising over $30,000. They are working on building and bringing in networks of lawyers who are focused on reaching new people.


Don’t see a hub but have a team of folks you know that would like to create a hub? Email [email protected] !

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