Become a House Party Presenter

Support funding grassroots organizing by playing a key role at house party fundraisers

The role

Across the country, volunteers are hosting house parties to fundraise for Movement Voter PAC grassroots partners. A key role to executing virtual house parties is the party presenter. The presenter gives the overview about who MVP is, what we’ve accomplished, and what we are planning to do.

Key Skills

  • Organized
  • Experience with public speaking
  • Adaptable

We hope that you are available at least once a month to support a house party. You should prepare to spend roughly 2-3 hours per house party. This includes the prep conversation with the organizing volunteers, the event itself, and any additional preparation you may do.

Presentation resources

MVP provides the slide deck which includes recommended speaker notes. You may adapt length and order depending on the circumstances of the house party you are supporting. But we recommend sticking with the template provided for ease.

The Process
  1. If you are interested in becoming a house party presenter, fill out the volunteer intake form
  2. Staff will follow up to provide a general onboarding which includes:
    1. Reviewing the house party presentation deck
    2. Adding you to the MVP house party presenter google group
  3. When a house party presenter is needed, you will receive an email to the google group.
  4. If you are available, respond to the email and you will be connected to the party team.

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