Become a House Party Coordinator

Helping hosts maximize their events

The role

Across the country, volunteers are hosting house parties to fundraise for Movement Voter PAC grassroots partners. To support people who are hosting their own parties, we pair them up with a house party coordinator who supports their efforts in goal-setting, outreach, and follow up from their event.

Key Skills

  • Organized
  • Task oriented
  • Excellent time management
  • Strong communication skills
  • Warmth and enthusiasm
Party Coordinator Tasks
  • Introduction to host and co-hosts. You will be introduced to host(s) who have indicated interest in hosting a house party. In your first conversation with a host you should cover:
    • Introductions – who are you? Who are they? What motivates them in this work? Why are they interested in hosting a house party?
    • House party details – find out if they have hosted a house party before. Give a brief description of what a house party entails. Find information here.
    • Ask them – what are their goals? Who is their network? Will they have co-hosts? Encourage people to have a minimum fundraising goal of $5000. Understand if they are looking to host a virtual or in person party.
    • Confirm details – set time, date, and location and then add to the events tracker (or provide information to your data team contact to add to events tracker to obtain event fundraising link and registration form).
    • Summary of next steps – summarize action steps and send a follow up email. 
  • Check in. About a week following the first conversation, reach out to check in on how hosts are doing with their planning. Have they sent out invites? When do they plan to send invites? If date and time are set, provide unique fundraising and RSVP link (you will receive training for how to do this). House parties typically have a zoom manager (if virtual), party presenter, and someone (sometimes staff or the presenter) to answer Q&A. Confirm role needs.
    • To request a zoom manager, simply email [email protected] with the date and time of the event in the subject line.
    • To request a presenter or staff for Q&A, email [email protected] 
  • Discuss event logistics and flow. At least two weeks prior to the event, confirm the event needs and roles with the hosts. See sample event flows here. Set up a call to go over number of RSVPs, outreach needs, and who will take on which roles. The hosts should be prepared to welcome individuals and make a pitch to attendees to donate. See sample pitches.
  • Run of show and practice. About 3 days-1 week prior to the event, schedule a practice and go over the run of show with all involved. See sample run of show here for virtual events.
  • Host a debrief. Within 1 week of the event, host a debrief conversation. See sample debrief template. We recommend having this scheduled before the event itself.
The Process
  1. If you are interested in becoming a party coordinator, fill out the volunteer intake form
  2. Staff will follow up to provide general training and onboarding which will include:
    • Understanding your relevant experiences and reviewing what is involved with the role.
    • Shadowing a house party coordinator.
  3. When a house party coordinator is needed, you will receive an email with information about the hosts and co-hosts. If you are available to support, you will respond to the email and then get connected to the host(s).

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