Virtual Party Toolkit

Promoting Your Virtual Party

The most important ingredient for a successful party is people! Here are some organizing best practices to ensure you have the right people show up. The Movement Voter Project team is excited to work with you throughout this process. 

Before we get started, here is a basic step-by-step that should give you an overview of what to cover as you plan your party. 

1. Use the Party People Worksheet to build your guest list

The Party People Worksheet will help you organize your guest list and assess the potential of your virtual fundraiser. It also helps you track each guest from invitation through donation.

2. Enlist your co-hosts at least 4 weeks before party

Some of our contacts know more people than others—these are your networkers. These connected people will often invite many others and enlisting them early might be the difference between a successful event and a very successful one. Ask them for their advice about how to get more people to come to the event, ask for their support for an invitation and explain why you thought of them as a person to reach out to specifically for help. It may very well lead to 5-10 more guests at your fundraiser.

3. Send out your invites — at least 3 weeks before party

It’s essential that you utilize the Zoom link for your fundraiser (ask your MVP liaison if you don’t have one) so that Zoom can capture all registrations in one place. You should send up to three emails and make up to two phone calls to get guests to come. It helps if you can split this work up.

4. Send out your pre-event materials — 5 days before party

Sending out one grantee story and one video helps guests understand MVP better and is a great excuse to remind guests about your event.

5. Final reminder — 1 day before party

This final email should include instructions for logging in, a link to download Zoom, and a final chance to invite their friends.

6. Follow up — day after party

Your follow-up email should be personalized depending on the commitment the guest made during the party. 

  • If they pledged to donate or volunteer, offer the details they need to do so and offer to connect more of their friends to MVP. 
  • If they didn’t pledge, offer to set up a call to discuss MVP further.