Fundraise with a Team

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About MVP Fundraising Teams

MVP grassroots partners are organizing their communities to get out the vote & build power. The best thing we can do is organize our communities to fund and support them. Join us!

What is an MVP Fundraising Team?

An MVP Fundraising Team is a group of two or more people who come together to raise money through MVP for our grassroots partners.

  • Join a team or start your own.
  • It just takes you and one or more other people.
  • It’s like a “Walk for Cancer,” but instead of cancer research, you’re fundraising for grassroots groups building progressive power & winning elections!
What’s the commitment?
  • You set your own fundraising goals.
  • It’s just through the upcoming election, not a “forever” commitment.
  • If you want to continue next election cycle, we welcome that too!
Who can I start a Fundraising Team with?

Start a team with a few friends, or any of your networks including:

  • Where you work (e.g. “Patagonia for MVP”)
  • Where you live (e.g. “Boston for MVP”)
  • An alumni or academic association (e.g. “Dartmouth for MVP”)
  • A personal or professional identity (e.g. “Jews for MVP,” “Lawyers for MVP,” etc)
  • A social group (e.g. “Newton Tennis Gals for MVP”)

Get fundraising!

Connect with an existing team

Find an existing team & sign up. Teams may offer a variety of ways to plug in. Sign up & learn more!

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