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About MVP Fundraising Teams

MVP grassroots partners are organizing their communities to get out the vote & build power. The best thing we can do is organize our communities to fund and support them. Join us!

What is an MVP Fundraising Team?

An MVP Fundraising Team is a group of two or more people who come together to raise money through MVP for our grassroots partners. Join an existing team, or start your own. It just takes you and one or more other people!

How will I fundraise?

We’ll give you all you need! Create an online fundraising page, host an online or in-person House Party, and more with the tools below.

What’s the commitment?
  • You set your own fundraising goals.
  • It’s just through the upcoming election, not a “forever” commitment.
  • If you want to continue next election cycle, we welcome that too!
Who can I start a Fundraising Team with?

Start a team with a few friends, or any of your networks including:

  • Where you work (e.g. “Patagonia for MVP”)
  • Where you live (e.g. “Boston for MVP”)
  • An alumni or academic association (e.g. “Dartmouth for MVP”)
  • A personal or professional identity (e.g. “Jews for MVP,” “Lawyers for MVP,” etc)
  • A social group (e.g. “Newton Tennis Gals for MVP”)

Get started!

Register a new team
Connect with an existing team

Find an existing team & sign up. Teams may offer a variety of ways to plug in. Sign up & learn more!

Start fundraising!


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