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Reem Abdellatif

Senior Writer & Content Strategist

Reem Abdellatif is a seasoned journalist, activist, and human rights advocate. Although Reem has lived in four different countries, she is a South Carolina native who grew up in a small country town just outside of Columbia. After witnessing how the education system in the American south lacked in ethnic studies and awareness, she developed a strong belief in the power of engagement and civic responsibilities. As the only Arab-American Muslim youth in her community, Reem often found herself as a voice for Muslim Americans, particularly after 9/11. This was a big role for a teen to take up on her own, but it inspired Reem to eventually become a foreign correspondent who would later work with organizations like The Los Angeles Times, The Associated Press, the BBC, and The Wall Street Journal. Reem is also the first Egyptian-American Muslim woman to write for Haaretz, one of the oldest progressive Israeli newspapers around. Her work has kept readers informed about institutional corruption and gender-based violence in Middle Eastern communities, social activism, and business topics. She later co-founded African Women Rights Advocates (AWRA), a women’s and children’s rights organization, where she also worked as a Communications & Brand Director. As a survivor of gender-based violence herself, Reem strongly beliefs in the power of mobilization, education, and the written word. Reem has collaborated with activists, youth, and Muslim LGBTQ+ communities in the United States and beyond to help amplify the voices of those who are mostly underrepresented.