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Petranella Ross

People Operations Specialist

Petranella Ross has a multifaceted, vast and integrative professional background working with marginalized, disenfranchised, vulnerable communities, individuals and groups for the past 33+ years within the not-for-profit arena including (homelessness/housing instability, survivors of domestic violence, end of life (Hospice), foster care, healthcare entities, substance abuse, elder abuse and mental health). Petranella knowledge, skills and abilities working with diverse groups and individuals at a not-for-profit social services agency as the Program Director serving at-risk young adults (mothers and their babies/children) in a residential facility supports her new role as People Operations Specialist. 

Petranella demonstrated her commitment to equity, inclusiveness, diversity and sense of belonging among-between staff members/colleagues, executive leadership team-members, stakeholders, community members, resident’s, babies/children and extended family members. Petranella modeled team-work qualities including but not limited to the following: understanding the impact of micro, mezzo and macro systems, data driven delivery systems, human behavior, diversity and the social environment, integral work ethics, work opportunities to internal/external candidates, equitable wages, scheduling, payroll, benefits, and confidential information systems and sharing.

Petranella holds a bachelor’s degree from The College of New Rochelle in Liberal Arts (Social Sciences Concentration); Master’s degree in Security Management from CUNY-John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Master’s degree in Social Work from Fordham University. 

Petranella provides mentoring supports to rising Social Worker’s in her spare time. She loves spending time nature-watching, gardening, fishing, revisited roller-skating (old fashioned quad/rubber brake on front of the skate), racket-ball, bowling and recently signed-up for swimming lessons.