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Michael Gast

Donor Advisor

As a Donor Advisor at MVP, Michael advises, supports (and sometimes challenges) individuals to boldly and proudly move their money in support of grassroots progressive electoral organizing. Michael is passionate about helping people use the money in their control for the collective good.

His experience includes 20 years of social justice donor organizing and fundraising. Previous to his work with Movement Voter Project, Michael was a staff member and Director of Resource Generation, organizing young people with wealth around the country for social justice, as well as an advisor and consultant for groups such as Chinese Progressive Association, SURJ, East Bay Community Foundation, Climate Justice Alliance, Justice Funders and more. Michael is deeply committed to organizing all his people to help build powerful, cross-class, multi-racial movements to transform society for the better. Born and raised in San Francisco, he currently lives in Oakland with his wife, Rachel, and his 5 year old son. He enjoys laughing, playing basketball and friendly trash talk.