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Jules Panagacos

Donor Organizing Events Manager

As Donor Organizing Events Manager, Jules (they/she) leads our efforts to design, refine, and scale our volunteer fundraising & organizing events. They are committed to making events that inspire people and make us dig deeper to be more generous and open to bring about the Democracy we crave. Jules believes volunteer-run events can be a sacred gathering space where relationships deepen, resources are mobilized, and strong networks are built. They are dedicated to supporting people with financial resources to see themselves as part of the movements they support, and remember that all of our liberation is bound to each other.

Jules has been organizing since their teen years and most recently has been honing their craft in designing transformative volunteer experiences. They have led programs at summer camp for LGBTQ+ Youth, organized legal support efforts at Standing Rock, contributed to mutual aid networks in their neighborhood, and ran digital organizing to support white anti-racist phone banking during the 2020 election. They love creating conditions for people to experience belonging through conversations, workshops, parties, campaigns, and writing. 

Jules lives in Seattle WA and can be found planning a hot springs adventure, trying different kinds of dance and movement, and gathering with friends around a fire in the backyard.