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Clive Grant

Administrative Assistant

As the Donor Team Administrative Assistant, Clive provides overall administrative support to the donor team and executive assistant-level support to the Vice President of Development.

Clive not only reports to the Vice President of Development but works closely with the Donor Advising, Donor Organizing, Foundations, and Donor Partnerships teams. As a tenured Administrative professional, Clive is determined to make sure he creates a highly efficient environment for all that he works with.

Clive Grant is a Washington, D.C native and VCU alumnus. Clive has been an administrative professional for over 13 years, with 10 of those years being in the Executive Assistant role. Clive has virtually worked exclusively with non-profits throughout his career as helping mission-based organizations reach their highest potential and efficiency is a passion of his. Past organizations he has worked for include Movement Law Lab, New America Foundation, and RTCA, Inc.

Clive is also a father of three and loves to travel on his off-time.