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Caleb Arring

Legal Director of Communications and Development Compliance

As Legal Director of Communications and Development Compliance, Caleb (he/him) supports MVP by ensuring that the organization is legally compliant with non-profit and campaign finance laws. Caleb also helps to connect groups with legal information and resources they need. Caleb is passionate about using his activism in combination with his knowledge of the law to impact positive change. 

Caleb has previously worked with LGBTQ+ and HIV+ immigrants seeking asylum in the United States, provided know-your-rights information to the transgender community, and volunteered organizing and canvassing with political campaigns. His breadth of legal experience includes direct client advocacy, litigation, arguing at the Ninth Circuit, and providing large-scale general legal information. Caleb is a queer trans man who enjoys life with his husband and their cats. When Caleb and his husband aren’t at home with their cats, they enjoy going out to drag shows, vegan restaurants, and finding whatever adventures life has to offer.