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Slack is our messaging platform where MVP volunteers can connect, collaborate, and share resources & best practices.

Join if you’d like:

  • Real-time MVP volunteer updates and stories from MVP-funded grassroots groups.
  • Community, camaraderie, & connection with like-minded MVP volunteers everywhere.
  • An easy way to share questions, ideas, and feedback directly with MVP staff.
  • A way for teams to communicate quickly without starting or sifting through group email threads.

Get started

  1. Join or sign into our Slack community »
  2. Download the Slack app for desktop & mobile.

  3. When you join, you’ll be added to a handful of “channels” (topic-based spaces).
  4. Go to the #community-and-intros channel and introduce yourself!
  5. Configure notifications to match your preferences.

Get to know Slack

  1. Get acquainted with Slack by viewing:

  2. To keep things organized, reply “in thread” whenever possible.
  3. If you’d like, you can disable or adjust email notifications, including for specific channels and conversations.
  4. You can even create a channel — whether a public channel around a new topic, or a private invite-only channel (e.g. for a Local or Affinity Team).

Questions? Technical issues?

You can:

  1. Check out Slack’s Help Center, OR 
  2. Sign into our Slack Community if you’ve already joined, and ask in the #tech-support channel!