Join our Volunteer Slack Community

Slack is our “Virtual Campaign Office” where MVP volunteers can get updates, connect, get support, and contact staff quickly & easily.

Join if you’d like:

  • Real-time MVP volunteer updates and stories from MVP-funded grassroots groups.
  • Community, camaraderie, & connection with like-minded MVP volunteers everywhere.
  • An easy way to share questions, ideas, and feedback directly with MVP staff.
  • A way for teams to communicate quickly without starting or sifting through group email threads.

Get started

  1. Request an invite to join our Slack community. We will invite you promptly.
  2. Download the Slack app for desktop & mobile.
  3. When you join, you’ll be added to a handful of “channels” (topic-based spaces).
  4. Go to the #community channel and introduce yourself!
  5. Configure notifications to match your preferences.

Get to know Slack

  1. Get acquainted with Slack by viewing:
    1. “Getting started for new Slack users” »
    2. “How to use Slack: your quick start guide” »
  2. To keep things organized, reply “in thread” whenever possible.
  3. If you’d like, you can disable or adjust email notifications, including for specific channels and conversations.
  4. You can even create a channel — whether a public channel around a new topic, or a private invite-only channel (e.g. for a Local or Affinity Team).

Questions? Technical issues?

You can:

  1. Check out Slack’s Help Center, OR 
  2. Ask in our #tech-support channel!