Organize with a Volunteer Team

We are just starting our Volunteer Team program! Toolkit & training coming soon. Questions about organizing a team? Contact Janet Selcer, MVP Volunteer Team Mentor, at: [email protected].

About Volunteer Teams

MVP grassroots partners are organizing their communities to get out the vote & build power. The best thing we can do is organize our communities to fund and support them. Join us!

Teams provide an ongoing structure to organize & fundraise for MVP. 

Local Teams organize by town, state, or area; Affinity Teams organize by identity (e.g. “Jews for MVP”), vocation (e.g. “Lawyers for MVP”), association (e.g. “Harvard Alumni for MVP”), etc.

These teams offer:
  • A way to build lasting relationships as a foundation for fundraising.
  • Community, camaraderie, & connection with like-minded volunteers.
  • A container for mutual support, encouragement, and growth.
  • A way to be in ongoing solidarity & partnership with MVP-funded groups.
What do Local & Affinity Teams do?

Connect with a team

Connect with an existing team »

Teams may offer a variety of volunteer & ongoing leadership opportunities. Sign up & learn more!

Organize a team

Create a team signup page »

  • Decide what kind of team you’ll start, based on your personal & professional relationships.
  • Choose “Private” to only invite people you know, OR, choose “Public” to let anyone find & join.
    NOTE: Only choose “Public” if you will follow up with people who sign up!
  • Edit the description to add contact info, a Facebook Group link, or any other info about your team.

Access your Team Dashboard »

  • Email signups to share upcoming meetings, events, calls to action, etc.
  • Edit your page to change the description or add “Co-Hosts” to manage the page with you.
  • View or export all signups.


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