Published: December 22, 2022

Movement Voter Project in 2022: By the Numbers

It’s that time of year when we take stock of all that we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months!


Stories from the Field
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Georgia Youth Justice Coalition for Action literature booklets.

As we look back at all of the amazing political wins that we worked so hard for in partnership with our donors and local partners, we’re beyond excited to share with you our end-of-year report. In this report – “How We Defied the Odds in 2022”, we break down the midterms, highlighting the impact our local partners made. We also take the time to celebrate the humans we worked with to make this happen — including the volunteers, training facilitators, funding partners, and organizers.

Here’s a look at just some of the great work we’ve done together over the past 12 months!

  • MVP helped over 10,000 donors in the 2021-2022 cycle to move tens of millions of dollars in political C4 and PAC funding. 
  • We helped move money to 352 C4 and PAC local partners across 42 states. 
  • The capacity-building team received 155 requests for support from C4 or PAC partners nationwide. They matched them with 190 tech tools for voter outreach and tailored coaching – and supported another 75 groups with collaborative coaching and tech tools.
  • We hosted 24 trainings attended by 340 representatives from 119 C4 and PAC organizations. Training topics ranged from text-message best practices to developing campaign plans. 
  • MVP volunteers organized 120+ house parties or fundraising events! Huge thanks to our co-hosts and our amazing local volunteer teams across the country. 
  • MVP tag-teamed with more than 15 fundraising partners like Flip the Vote and Airlift who collectively moved more than $7 million to local partners.
  • Together, our local partners reached tens of millions of voters — mostly young voters and voters of color (more specific data will be forthcoming)
  • We helped win at least 25 close elections including a senate race, a governor, two attorneys general, a secretary of state, six house races, two mayors, and four state legislative chambers – impacting the balance of power in Congress, 12 states, and more (still evaluating).


Click here to read more on How We Defied the Odds in 2022.

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