MVP Local Teams

MVP local teams set goals and work together to raise awareness of MVP, our local partner groups, and our new funding model. They help us engage more local donors - big and small - more deeply. Teams help by making group and one-on-one presentations; recruiting and developing local donor organizers and influencers; supporting house parties, benefit concerts, and other events; advising donors, groups and institutional funders; training, orienting and welcoming new volunteers; and helping make connections between local progressive donors and battleground state organizers.

Want to join an MVP Local Team? Here’s how:

  1. Read our Local Teams Toolkit for more details and to get oriented.
  2. Email [email protected] to set up a time to talk and get plugged in to our work.
  3. Look through the resources and print materials below to help with your organizing.

Local Team Resources

COVID-19:  Please read our current event guidelines around COVID-19. Thank you and stay safe!

Resources are kept in this shared folder. They include: