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Why We Love the Movement Voter Project
2/23/2022Blue Tent
Movement Voter Project: What Donors Need to Know
2/1/2022Blue Tent
Chair of One for Democracy Explains How a Pooled Fund Works to Protect Our Democracy
8/30/2021The Business of Giving
‘It’s really hard to grow up undocumented’: Arizona ‘dreamers’ tell their stories on DACA’s 9th anniversary
6/21/2021Arizona Republic
Why Is The Climate Movement Failing? The Donors Of Color Network Has Some Fresh Ideas For Funders
How Funders, Intermediary Groups and Activists Are Working Together to Stop the Line 3 Pipeline
5/26/2021Inside Philanthropy
Arlington Democratic Town Committee Hosts Forum
5/19/2021Arlington Advocate
Grassroots Organizing is What Has Transformed the Country
2/25/2021Free Speech TV
To Make a Lasting Impact During the Biden Administration, Support Systems-Change Leaders
2/9/2021Inside Philanthropy
For Dreamers, Action Will Speak Louder Than Words
1/29/2021New York Times
A New Blueprint for the South
How Georgia Went Blue
11/17/2020Washington Post
Women of Color Lead On the Ground in Georgia
11/12/2020Who What Why
Rather than hitting the road to knock on doors, progressives sitting on Zoom open their wallets
10/19/2020Chicago Sun Times
Door-Knocking in a Life-or-Death Campaign
10/1/2020The American Prospect
How Donors Can Address The $300 Million Democracy Gap
7/16/2020Giving Compass
Announcement of Native American Voter Engagement Contest
7/13/2020Indian Country Today
The Single Best Investment In 2020: Electoral Organizing Led By People Of Color
Two humble suggestions that will make a huge impact
6/22/2020Daily Kos
Restructuring Systems Amid Two Pandemics: Donors Can Step Up Right Now
6/22/2020Giving Compass
It’s The Electoral Infrastructure, Stupid
2/14/2020Dissent Magazine
There Is Some Good Stuff Out There… Really
2/12/2020Boston Globe
Milwaukee’s Black Leaders Organize to Build Civic Engagement
2/1/2020US News & World Report
A new generation of philanthropists are ticked off at Trump — and their parents
How Democrats Plan To Win Wisconsin In 2020
8/23/2019The Intercept
Alyssa Milano Launches 2020 Grassroots Fund to Encourage Voting in Swing States
8/12/2019Hollywood Reporter
Funnel the money: Progressive operative feeds grassroots efforts to mobilize overlooked voters
7/27/2019Daily Hampshire Gazette
Inside a Push to Hook up Progressive Donors and Grassroots Voter Groups
6/14/2019Inside Philantropy
The Outsider Democrats Who Built the Blue Wave
11/8/2018The New Republic
16 Reasons To Be Excited About The Midterm Rainbow Wave
Oni Press Takes On The Midterm Elections With Draw Out the Vote Project
11/5/2018Paste Magazine
In Final Stretch, Groups Work To Get Young People, Minorities To The Polls
Here’s What You Can Do To Flip The House And Senate
10/1/2018Bust Magazine
Don’t Let Corporate Money Dominate the Midterms
7/31/2018The Nation
Resistance Groups Try To Turn Their Numbers Into Fundraising Power
9/14/2017Huffington Post