MVP Organizing Guide

Thank you for becoming an MVP Organizer! We are thrilled to have you on the team!

MVP Organizers are the heart and foundation of our grassroots fundraising program. We provide tools that help you not only invest in and sustain grassroots groups whose work on the ground wins elections, changes policy, and builds power – but also organize with your friends to exponentially increase your impact.

Do you belong to or lead a grassroots group? Fundraising in partnership with MVP is a simple yet impactful way for grassroots groups to support other grassroots organizers around the country. With a few clicks, your group can choose an individual group to support or contribute to one of our featured funds (House, Senate, and more). Want to start your own tailored fund? Our advisors make it easy for you to create your own fund. Use our MVP Organizer’s Toolkit and get started today!

Organize a House Party!  MVP Organizers are throwing house parties across the country this summer and fall that are making an impact in building the progressive grassroots infrastructure we need to win. We’ll help you along the way, providing, tips, materials, and guidance.  And do we know how to throw a party. Get started today and make a difference for key 2018 races and groups working everyday at the intersections of social movements, grassroots communities, and elections while enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones.

Learn more about MVP.

Our MVP Organizer’s Toolkit

MVP understands that you want to make a meaningful impact and that your network does as well. We help you organize your friends, family, and communities to do just that. Our experts continue to vet hundreds of groups working at the intersection of community organizing and electoral politics. We help you navigate that list and create a plan that works for you.

Choose one of the following options and start organizing with us:

1. Browse our featured curated funds.

Once you have selected a fund to support, let us know so we can help you spread the word. Also, consider hosting a house party or other in-person gathering to help raise funds for your portfolio! Contact an MVP advisor with any questions, concerns, or for support.

2. Host a matching fundraiser.

Are you raising funds for your own grassroots group and want to also support organizers doing critical work in communities you care about? Hosting a matching fundraiser is an easy way to raise money for your group while simultaneously investing in and building relationships with impactful groups around the country. Choose from our featured funds or work with an MVP advisor to craft your own portfolio. Contact us and get started today!

3. Work with an MVP advisor to craft a curated fund to support.

Our advisors make it easy for you to create a fund of groups to sustain. We can help craft a plan that works for you while providing the support you need throughout the process – from choosing groups to executing a plan to raise funds with your group.

How Movement Voter Project can help your group:

  • The winning combination of the expertise of MVP and the support of MVP advisors give you a trusted way to invest strategically in grassroots organizers.
  • Supporting MVP funds is a savvy and easy way to keep momentum going between your other campaigns, events, and efforts – helping you connect with important local groups and the larger progressive movement without getting lost in a sea of information.
  • Grassroots fundraising with MVP provides meaningful ways to reach more people who want to help make an impact and gives them the tools to accomplish that goal.