Pandemic Election Fund

Pandemic Election Fund

With the entire world grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, local organizing groups are defending vulnerable communities across the US. They have shifted their strategies to make sure people are empowered to vote, informed in the face of changing election guidelines, and ready to vote by mail. Together, we can hold the elected officials making this crisis worse accountable.

This fund supports groups in these key ways:

Infrastructure + Local Network Maintenance: The groups we support are lifelines to their local communities and they have already been doing the relationship-building needed to weather the current crisis. They’ve built networks to assist the most vulnerable to the health and economic impacts of COVID19, serving as essential conduits for sharing information, resources, and assistance. We want to help them keep their staff and not lose any of the important support infrastructure they’ve built. Our local networks are one of the most important things for us to maintain in this moment, especially as isolation combined with this health crisis threatens our ability to support each other and those in need.

Crisis Response + Wellness: Help provide funding for groups to respond to the needs of their own staff, members, and communities. No matter what happens, we will need our organizer teams strong and well, which includes being able to work from home and giving them the remote tools to do so. Local organizing is now more important than ever to serve those in need while fighting for the policies that will protect and aid all of us during these difficult times. At the same time, we must continue to build for the long term to make sure we are ready for the next crisis.

Capacity Building: To say the ground beneath us has shifted is an understatement. Local community organizing groups are already reimagining how to transform their plans, and given these enormous changes, MVP is supporting them to train up, explore, experiment, and learn from one another. This investment in new organizing tactics will allow organizers across the country to have confidence and hope for the road ahead, no matter the obstacles.

100% of donations are re-granted to local groups on the ground.

Pandemic Election Fund
Support local groups in key electoral states as they pivot their organizing during the pandemic.