Florida State Fund

Why Your Donation Matters

The easiest “one click” way to donate to organizations in Florida who have built critical vote infrastructure and who will be even more critical to getting Trump out of office in 2020. Remember that in 2016 we lost FL by 113,000 votes – just a 1.2% margin!

All groups have a track record of voter registration and mobilization in addition to the local community building, advocacy and issue organizing they do year-round.

100% of funds go directly or are regranted directly to local groups.

Make a Catalytic Difference – These are locally-rooted, small-to-medium sized organizations where your dollars can make a game-changing difference – from keeping staff on through 2020 to expanding the cities and counties they are able to do vote work in.

Build long-term infrastructure and leadership for change – All groups are locally rooted and driving change not just for one election, but year after year – with a focus on MVP’s priority states. We fund organizations and local leaders that got out the vote in 2018 and are immediately getting to work on 2019 and 2020, not one-off campaigns that come and go each cycle.

Need more support to donate? This “one click’ option is designed for quick online giving. If you want to donate from a foundation or donor advised fund, or want more detailed information, please contact us.

Florida State Fund
The easiest way to donate to organizing groups in Florida.